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An invitation to all races, color, and system of thought, where Islam is the agenda: from politics to family life.
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 The Rules: Read or Be Ready To Get Suspended :)

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Peace Within

Peace Within

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PostSubject: The Rules: Read or Be Ready To Get Suspended :)   Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:01 pm

Though the title of this thread is not inherently friendly I assure you that after reading these rules you will be no doubt in safe from our 'BLACKLIST'. Why would we put anyone on our blacklist? Please read the following reasons for why:

1) Name calling.

2) Disrespectful behavior towards a minor or elder.

3) Bashing other faiths.

4) Copy and pasting biased information from websites, if you choose to do so then back up your argument (It be pretty darn good). We will not mind if you show us you can support it effectively.

5) Misquote scriptures without giving their context (see number 4).

Those are the fives rules of the forum. These are subject to change. The changes will be announced through the monthly newsletter. Thank you and have fun!

Mulciber Ilus
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The Rules: Read or Be Ready To Get Suspended :)
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