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 What is Islam? The Incentives!

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What is Islam? The Incentives! Empty
PostSubject: What is Islam? The Incentives!   What is Islam? The Incentives! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 9:09 pm

Alsalamu Alaikum wa Ra7mat Allah wa barakatuhu,
I myself to be honest don't really know a lot about Islam, but there are certain things to put in mind if you are wishing to understand how did Islam really come its way through history.
In India for example, there was the timeline about when India had had a Muslim Leader who brought about an Islamic league. The difference was that when the Britisih had control of India at the time, they would have guns that would have a certain piece of meat, pork, which most of the soldiers could not eat. The Muslims could not eat the meat because as you already might know, pork is considered haraam. The others had their own excuse for not been able to cope with the way they prepare the weaponry. There were many Indians who opposed this Islamic League and their leader, because they feared that their country would then become a pure Islamic country. That is why there were a lot revolts that occured while the British had control of the British East India Company.
If any of you may recall the movie [i]The Message, it mentions how Allah had sent The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to give his message to all who would approve of it. Now of course, the journey was not going to be simple, but our Propeht never gave up hope, not even for a second. There were many who did not want to listen to the message, and yet sitll there were others who were willing to help out our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his quest.
So I guess my message to you is that history may also explain where we can find useful information on how Islam came about and what kind of events occured while it was trying to be spread to the whole world. I hope that helps somewhat. Thank you for giving your time to listen. Maasalama.
Allah Hafiz
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Peace Within

Peace Within

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What is Islam? The Incentives! Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Islam? The Incentives!   What is Islam? The Incentives! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 3:11 pm

Salaam Mo,

There are so many things to consider in a leader, especially in a good leader. We haven't had one for a century. Notable ones however are those who are doing Da'wah, such as Zakir Naik, Abdul Raheem Green, Yassir Fazaga (I think he's Sudanese!), and Yusuf Estes. And you never know, you might be the Islamic world's next Muslim leader! I'm praying everyday that someone stands up and clears up the mess in the Middle East. Might as well be a long time too! So who knows.

Peace Within
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What is Islam? The Incentives!
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