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An invitation to all races, color, and system of thought, where Islam is the agenda: from politics to family life.
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 The Rules :)

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The Rules :) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules :)   The Rules :) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 8:05 pm


Ok, there are some general rules to this forum that apply to ALL members, even the mods.

1) NO SPAMMING!! If your post has nothing to do or add to the thread, then simple: don't post. If you spam, you will be warned.

2) NO FLAMING! Please don't start picking on each other's views mindlessly!

4) NO ADVERTISING! This website is not for advertisement, ok?

5) NO OBSCENE IMAGES! Such images will not be tolerated and you will simply be banned.

6)USE CORRECT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. It just makes all our lives easier, all right?

UPDATE: There was an update posted by the Admin Team on the rules due to a lot of aggression and flaming in the forum. Make sure you read it. It's another announcement HERE .

Thank You Smile

Allah Hafiz

- Admin Team
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The Rules :)
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