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 war - peace -in islam ( what madia shows)

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war - peace -in islam ( what madia shows) Empty
PostSubject: war - peace -in islam ( what madia shows)   war - peace -in islam ( what madia shows) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 8:43 pm

sallam alikom

i will let hear this amaizen person
who spend his life for challange qestions from people

this man is ulem muslim , he saved all religion's book
and he answer and compare with very nice and reasonable replay
this is the link *_^

it is nice and u could fallow the rest of the lecture in there
i'm sure it will steal u to listen to it
it is amaizing and acceptable ^_^ peace
sallam alikom Very Happy
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war - peace -in islam ( what madia shows)
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