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 Modern Energy Sources

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PostSubject: Modern Energy Sources   Modern Energy Sources Icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 1:23 pm

The growing demand for energy has led to a greater usage of renewable source of energy. Traditionally this demand has been met by fossil fuels. With the rising prices and depleting supply of the fossil fuels, the world is slowly shifting to other sources of energy. The renewable energy sources are known for its unlimited availability and lesser costs. Once the initial costs of installing a renewable energy plant is covered, the energy can be highly profitable.
Today the renewable energy technologies like the wind, solar and the tidal energy produces nearly 1% of the total world energy. This is less compared to the potential present in these sources. These energy sources are capable of providing far more energy than is currently available from all traditional sources.
world energy research is dedicated to promote the renewable energy usage and help people understand the huge advantages present in the sector. One of the key challenges faced by the organization in doing so is making the cost of clean energy more directly competitive with traditional fossil fuel generated energy, besides the environmental benefits.
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Modern Energy Sources
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