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An invitation to all races, color, and system of thought, where Islam is the agenda: from politics to family life.
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PostSubject: THANK YOU/UPDATE ON RULES!!! PLEASE READ!   THANK YOU/UPDATE ON RULES!!! PLEASE READ! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 8:00 pm


Well it has been sometime since the forum started and we're all really excited about the fact that all of you people spared some of your precious time to come and discuss Islam here on this forum and we'd like to take a minute to thank you all for your help Smile. Thank You!

However, there was something we seemed to have forgotten here on this forum amidst all the discussion. Forum etiquette and kindness. Yes, many of us here are not following that and the Admin Team feels obliged to tell everyone here about this.

Most people have their own personal beliefs, things that range from religion to just your opinion about something, and it is this forums policy that these beliefs are to be respected NO MATTER WHAT. You may ask "well what if i disagree?" Well, disagreeing is only natural. Opinions won't be opinions unless we disagree over them. However, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO DISRESPECT in order to disagree. Address the person you're disagreeing with deference and keep a NICE and FRIENDLY tone throughout your post.

No one Christian/Hindu/Atheist/Muslim can go around bashing or constantly criticizing another Christian/Hindu/Atheist/Muslim AT ALL! If there's hardcore fact that the other person has misconceptions upon, then it is ok to correct (following the normal forum etiquettes of course) the other person BUT if it is opinion you disagree upon then there is no need to "correct" the other person for when it comes to opinions, there is no correct one.

So please, it's all right to disagree, but DON'T EVER EVEN THINK OF DISRESPECTING. If you disrespect anyone henceforth, either an admin or a mod will inform you and tell you to amend the post and how to go about posting later on. However, if you fail to comply, then you shall be banned and severely reprimanded.

You may wonder "what of the debate forum?" Well read on then (yes, i kno this is getting kinda long, but please, bear with me).

Debates are to be held every month now in the Debate forum. If you disagree with something, please make a note of it and PM your administrators about having a debate on that particular topic you feel is not justly presented. We will see if you can have the debate as soon as possible and please when it comes to citing sources; it would be decent to write out the Arabic words and have their meanings verified by authentic sources (there are many authentic sources with the definitions of Quran Arabic words). Make an effort to check if your source is trustworthy.

Thank you for your time you guys, have a great rest of the day and enjoy life and post on. Smile

Allah Hafiz

- Admin Team
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